✔ Black Seed Serum Spray to Treat Grey Hair, Stimulate New Hair Growth and Prevent Baldness

✔ Black Seed Serum Spray to Treat Grey Hair, Stimulate New Hair Growth and Prevent Baldness

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This traditional serum helps to prevent Premature Graying of hair, treats existing grey hair, increases hair density, promotes thicker stronger hair and prevents baldness.

1. Black Seed which are also called as Kalonji seeds, Nigella sativa or black cumin
The usage of black seeds dates back to Egyptian civilization, where they had used it to grow thick and dark hair like the river Nile. It nourishes the hair and stimulates new hair growth. Also it activates the process to produce Melanin in the follicles which responsible for hair color, thus helping in treating grey hair.
2. Methi seeds also called as Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek is widely used in Ancient Chinese and ayurvedic hair care remedies. It contains essential nutrients like Nicotinic acid, protein, lecithin and other nutrients that nourishes hair follicles and brings back natural color to the hair.
3. Ginger – Ginger stimulates hair follicles, increases micro circulation to the roots and reverses hair loss. It also helps in treating dandruff and encourages new hair growth.
4. Curry leaves – Curry leaves activates catalase activity on the scalp that can help in reversing grey hair. They also restore the natural melanin pigment

1. Chop the ginger into fine pieces. Now crush them slightly using a mortar and pestle. That’s all, we have crushed Ginger ready. Keep it aside.
5. In a steel Sauce pan, take 2 cups of water.
6. Toss in 3 tea spoons of black seeds.
7. Add 3 tea spoons of Methi seeds or Fenugreek seeds
8. Now toss in 2 tea spoons of the crushed ginger we prepared earlier.
9. Also add ½ cup of the curry leave.
Now its ready to boil
Put the sauce pan on simmer low heat. Bring this to boil until it starts to rolling boil. Then switch off the stove. Now set this aside to allow the solution to cool down.
Once it is cooled down, take a strainer and filter the contents. Now you got a dark concoction. Take it into a spray bottle.
Spray this on the scalp, covering the roots, once in the morning and once at night. Also apply this 30 minutes before shampooing.
Using this solution regularly promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying of hair.

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