20 Hair Oils in India Ranked from Worst to Best

20 Hair Oils in India Ranked from Worst to Best

Which Hair Oil is the best in Indian Market? Have you ever gone through the ingredient list of the hair oil that you are using? If not then, let me tell you this that it’s scary.

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Which hair oil do you use? Bajaj Almond Drops, Dabur Amla, Navratna cool or Patnjali Kesh Kanti? Over 90% of hair oils in the Indian markets are loaded with harsh chemicals which are linked to hairfall, hair thinning, dandruff, scalp irritation and even cancer. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I call these hair oils toxic perfumes. If you are unknowingly using such a hair oil you are bound to face hair issues now or in the near future. It is extremely important to use a chemical free hair oil for the proper nourishment of the hair. So which is the best hair oil in the Indian market? Let us find out.

01:32 – CATEGORY 1. These include the hair oils which are worst of its kind. They have the most number of harsh chemicals in them. What’s sad is that the major junk of Indian people is using these hair oils on a daily basis.

02:48 – CATEGORY 2. These is an interesting category which includes the so called Ayurvedic hair oils. These hair oils are marketed as if they are no less than Ayurvedic Medicine but are actually not free from harmful chemicals.

03:38 – Why harmful chemicals are added in a hair oil?
04:26 – Which hair oil should we use? Thankfully, there are some hair oils in the Indian market which are sold in their pure form. These are the best hair oils and have no long term side effects. These fall in CATEGORY 3.

05:05 – How to choose the best Hair Oil for your hair type?
06:37 – How to find out if the Hair Oil that you are using is toxic or not?


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