56th day on Nofap | Supplement for hair growth and muscle growth

56th day on Nofap | Supplement for hair growth and muscle growth

This is the best supplement stack in my opinion for the given money. These things are good for hair growth and general health.

Magnesium: It helps in regulating calcium metabolism, reduces scalp calcification and thus helps with hair regrowth. Our diet is always high in calcium and magnesium is neglected. Supplementing with magnesium is a good idea since it is involved in various biological processes. Magnesium in our body uses up zinc so it’s good to include zinc in the stack.

Zinc: Most of the guys with hairfall are proven to have low zinc in their body so it’s good to supplement with zinc. Also magnesium lowers zinc in our body we must add this in our stack.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 helps in calcium absorption, it carries and moves around calcium in our body. It helps in reducing calcium accumulation in tissues in our case scalp calcification. It kinda liqufies the calcium and vitamin K2 must be taken in conjunction with it.

Vitamin K2: While, Vitamin D3 moves around the calcium, Vitamin K2 helps to put back calcium where it needs to be – bones and teeth.

Vitamin E: It’s a powerful anti-oxidant and it lowers prolactin levels. Prolactin lowers FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and causes hair loss. So, vitamin E is included in the stack.

Triple strength Fish oil: I recommend you guys to get atleast double strength fish oil because it will be most likely molecularly distilled. Or you can check the label for molecularly distilled mentioning to ensure it is free of heavy metals. Omega 3 helps with lowering inflammation, Brain health and more.

Iodine drops: I listened to a podcast mentioning iodine is important to prevent hair loss so it here. Will update the exact reason later.

Creatine: This actually a bad addition to my stack because I recently found it actually increases hair fall to guys who are already prone to DHT sensitive hair loss. For me, as I already experiencing hair fall is will definitely increase hair loss. I saw a post on reddit with test reports saying creatine increased DHT in blood even when used with finasteride. I have some specific goals in my training that needs creatine to achieve which I later cover in my channel. For now, you can avoid this creatine. I am gonna risk and take creatine for a month and then quit it to optimize conditions for hair growth.

Himalayan pink salt: This is also specific to my goals in gym but healthy people can take it as our healthy body can easily excrete excess salt rather than deal with low salt. I will explain later in separate video why I am taking it.

Potassium chloride: You need to be really careful taking it I take it very little like 200 mg at a time. It could potentially kill you so be careful taking it. I take it to balance the potassium level in my body.

Citrulline malate: I take to induce pump when I train. There is a reason why I am going for the pump which I later explain. It also improves blood circulation.


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