8 Oils That Make Your Hair Healthy And Help Prevent Balding

8 Oils That Make Your Hair Healthy And Help Prevent Balding

From coconut to avocado, there’s plenty of beneficial products your hair can enjoy. There are also great essential oils like tea tree and Rosemary. Guess what, we’re talking about a whole bunch of them!

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1. Avocado: 00:34
2. Rosemary: 01:43
3. Lavender Oil: 02:42
4. Coconut: 03:22
5. Tea-Tree Oil: 04:44
6. Almond Oil: 05:36
7. Olive Oil: 06:44
8. Castor Oil: 07:35


1. Avocado Oil
When most of us hear the word “avocado”, the first thing we think about is a nutritious snack with amazing health benefits. Well if you extract this snack’s contents and transfer them to an oily substance, your hair will enjoy some of those benefits as well.

2. Rosemary Oil
A lot of you may not be familiar with rosemary as a whole. Rosemary is a herb originating from the Meditteranean. It is very popular in the culinary world. When it comes to hair, rosemary oil is packed full of amazing benefits.

3. Lavender Oil
When it comes to hair treatment, lavender has become one of the most popular. Taken from the lavender plant, this oil is known to assist in hair growth, kill dandruff and head lice, as well as decrease inflammation of your scalp.

4. Coconut Oil
If your hair is suffering from extreme dryness, coconut oil might be the ideal product for it. Packed with Vitamin E and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, adding coconut oil onto your scalp can give it a much smoother feel. In 2007, researchers discovered that the oil provides more moisture to your hair than any kind of mineral oil.

5. Tea-Tree Oil
This substance has many health benefits across the board. Originating in Australia, Aborigines would extract oil by crushing leaves from tea trees, which would then be inhaled in order to treat sickness. Fast forward throughout the ages, we are now using it to treat hair.

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