8 Signs Your Body Is Desperate For Vitamin D

8 Signs Your Body Is Desperate For Vitamin D

From fatigue to loss of hair, to a wound taking way too long to heal. We’re talking all that AND more.

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Fatigue – 00:33
Depression- 01:27
Loss of Bone – 02:47
Loss of Hair – 03:39
Your Wounds Take Longer To Heal – 04:22
You’re Feeling Sick – 05:39
Pain In Your Bones – 06:53
High Blood Pressure – 07:38


When your body hasn’t been getting proper Vitamin D treatment, one of the things you’ll notice is how tired you are. Have you been fighting the urge to fall asleep during the day? Even if you’ve had the proper amount of snooze time the night before? Well, a Vitamin D deficiency may be the situation here.

To put it bluntly, a Vitamin D deficiency can make you feel like garbage. It’s true. The sad part is we all go through it. This is why we need the proper vitamins. Vitamin D not only provides your bones with calcium. It performs another crucial function. You see, Vitamin D is needed in order for our brain to work properly.

Loss Of Bone
While this is a natural part of the aging process, it’s not supposed to happen in your younger years. If it does, check your Vitamin D level. It’s Vitamin D’s job to absorb calcium and maintain the strength of your bones. When your bone density is low, you are not receiving the right amount of calcium.

Loss Of Hair
First my bones, now my hairdo! If you’re young, there are few situations more humiliating than losing your hair. That’s just the way things go when your Vitamin D is low. While there is limited evidence, lack of the nutrient has been connected with hair loss, particularly female hair loss.

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