Addressing Signs of PCOS

Addressing Signs of PCOS

It’s called polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short. “Any kid who is menstruating who comes to us with irregular periods, that’s the first starting point and then with symptoms of acne and excess body hair, and then we do some labs to diagnose and confirm,” explained Dr. Sujana Reddy, a pediatric endocrinologist with Lee Health.

Doctors say PCOS is a common condition in women, associated with a hormone imbalance. “Seven to ten percent of the girls, teenage girls come to us. It’s very sensitive, very hard, very concerning. Sometimes they are having social difficulties with this,” she said.

PCOS causes women to make excess male hormones from their ovaries—which can lead to symptoms like menstrual irregularities, excess body hair, infertility, and weight gain. “The recent research shows that there is a link with insulin resistance and PCOS, and in this condition, the body is making excess insulin and this influences and triggers the ovaries to produce antigens, male hormone, such as testosterone,” said Dr. Reddy.

While doctors say PCOS is typically a lifelong condition—early intervention can help to manage the symptoms. “The hormonal imbalance, the birth control pills take care of that. They decrease the testosterone levels, so they help with the symptoms like the acne, the facial hair,” she said.

Having a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can also help with symptom management. Addressing the signs early can help women get the treatment they need.

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