African American Female – Traction Alopecia Hair Transplant | Dr. Matt Huebner (Quinita)

African American Female – Traction Alopecia Hair Transplant | Dr. Matt Huebner (Quinita)

Watch Quinita’s Traction Alopecia surgery day by Dr. Matt Huebner at the Natural Transplants Fort Lauderdale Clinic | CALL NOW 844-327-4247 | VISIT

After living with Traction Alopecia for many years, Quinita decided to take action to restore her youthful hairline and get additional hair coverage, mainly on her sides. But first, she needed to find skilled doctors.

After extensive research, Quinita found Natural Transplant’s Youtube channel; that’s when she knew she had found the experts that would give her the best chance to making her dreams reality.

After the surgery, Dr. Matt Huebner reveals Quinita’s forehead and side sutures where her new hairline will grow in. Quinita mentions that the process was very easy and that the team at Natural Transplants clinic were very accomodating and made her experience comfortable and relaxed.

Quinita is excited to see the results from her hair transplant and is looking forward to seeing her restored edges. Quinita says she always has her hairline covered when going out, and looks forward to having the freedom to finally wear her hair the way that she wants.

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