Ayurvedic DHT Blocker to Reverse Baldness, Treat Alopecia, Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

Ayurvedic DHT Blocker to Reverse Baldness, Treat Alopecia,  Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

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FIRST TIME EVER ON YOUTUBE, BEST OF BEST AYURVEDIC REMEDIES WITH PREPARATION METHOD. Works effectively to reverse hair loss, Male pattern baldness, Alopecia, Female pattern baldness, improves circulation to hair and provides thicker stronger hair growth.

Our aim should be to increase the time spent in growth phase beyond 6 years and increase strength of new hair produced in every cycle. That way you can prevent baldness and reverse hair loss too.
These Ayurvedic remedies in fact help you to do that.

Lets look at First remedy (DHT blocker pack)
For this you need
1. Tobacco leaves : You can get shredded tobacco leaves or whole leaves. I got the shredded tobacco leaves. The alkaloids present in tobacco can selectively inhibit 5α-reductase enzyme activity. This is an effective DHT blocker and also activates dormant hair follicles.
Mustard oil: Mustard oil is a super stimulant and improves blood circulation to hair effectively. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties also cures dandruff. It provides omega-3 and other nutrients to hair.
Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil not only improves blood circulation but also adds nice fragrance to this mix.

To make this,

In a Mortar and Pestle system, take 2 table spoons of Shredded Tobacco leaves.
Add 1 tablespoon of Mustard oil to this. Now grind this mix thoroughly such that the leaves become a fine paste. You can also make this in large quantity and store it. It remains good for 1 year under room temperature. Add 1 or 2 drops of rosemary oil to this.

Apply this mix all over the scalp and wait for 1 hour before washing the hair. This stimulates blood circulation acts as DHT blocker and promotes new and thicker hair.

2. Second one is – Hair loss reversing pack

For this you need,

Camphor improves microcirculation to hair and helps in supplying essential nutrients to the hair roots, there by strengthening roots.

Plain Yogurt or curd: Yogurt helps in smoothening hair and here we use it as a base for camphor.

Lets see how to make this.
In a mortar and pestle system, take little less than 1 teaspoon of camphor. Crush it into small particles. Sometimes, it won’t form a really fine powder, that’s ok.
Now add 1 table spoon of Yogurt to this. Grind this mix once again. That’s all we have got a powerful hair pack.

Apply this all over the hair and leave it on for minimum 30 minutes. When you apply this pack on hair, you will feel strange cooling sensation and improved circulation. That’s normal.

Use these two remedies once in a week, to get significant results for hair loss and baldness.

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