Bala & Ujada Chaman Movie: Hair Related Phrases in English

Bala & Ujada Chaman Movie: Hair Related Phrases in English

Bala & Ujada Chaman Movie: Hair Related Phrases in English
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As bald as a coot – Completely bald
Coots are water birds whose heads have the appearance of baldness.

As fine as frog’s hair (simile) – Extremely fine, that is, delicate and slender.

As small as the hairs on a gnat’s bollock – which denotes something that is small to the point of ludicrousy.

Bad hair day – a day on which everything seems to go wrong, characterized as a day on which one’s hair is particularly unmanageable.

Big wig – an important person, especially in a particular sphere.
early 18th century: so named from the large wigs formerly worn by distinguished men.

By the hairs on my chinny chin chin, I’ll blow your house down- no way
This line is taken from the famous fairytale- The three little pigs. There was a conversation between wolf and the pigs-
Wolf- “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”
Pigs- “No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”

HAIR FALL एक ऐसी problem है जिसे male या female दोनों ही face करते हैं। Market में इसके कई इलाज़ भी हैं। और अब तो हमारे Bollywood में भी गंजेपन मतलब Baldness पर एक नहीं 2 -2 movies बनी हैं। Ujda Chaman & Bala इन दोनों ही movies में इनके Heros के बालों (Hairs) की बात हो रही है। तो क्यों ना आज English में कुछ HAIR से related phrases सीखें जाये और Bala & Ujda Chaman movies के साथ-साथ अपनी English knowledge भी बढ़ाई जाये। So friends इन movies के साथ ही हमारी इस video को देखिए और अपनी English vocabulary को झक्कास बनाइये।

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