BALDING AT 20 – Going Bald And Shaving My Head for good – LIVE 11

BALDING AT 20 – Going Bald And Shaving My Head for good – LIVE 11

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This is Dale’s Story. Going bald since 17 years old. After years of dealing with his thinning hair and trying various methods of dealing with male pattern baldness Dale decides to take the high ground and be done with hair loss once and for all.

Year of worry and anxiety end swiftly with the bold action of shaving off that thinning hair and putting all his focus on himself and the things that matter.

I want to say the biggest thank you to Dale for sharing this with everyone online. It takes serious balls to do this and it is of real benefit to men around the world who are struggling to deal with their own male pattern baldness.

This deserves nothing but the uttermost respect.

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