Blood Tests for Autoimmune with Trichologist Brisbane

Blood Tests for Autoimmune with Trichologist Brisbane

Blood Tests for Autoimmune with Trichologist Brisbane

Blood tests are super helpful to Absolique Trichologist Brisbane when helping with autoimmune hair and scalp problems. Generally, hair and scalp concerns are not taken seriously by the GP and simple contributing factors are commonly overlooked. Technology and pathology are brilliant but can also only test for autoimmune disease which in most cases comes back negative, but you are still experiencing autoimmune hair loss or a scalp condition.

Looking at other indicators in the blood tests results hep to uncover lowered immunity and inflammatory markers even when you return a negative result for a specific disease. This is good news and it shows you don’t have a disease but does not rule out the autoimmune attack. Absolique Trichologist Brisbane works very closely with many autoimmune effected clients with great results when we look at the human and the immune system as a whole.

Blood Tests for Autoimmune with Trichologist Brisbane:
• Uncover lowered immunity
• Inflammatory markers
• Look at the immune system as a whole
• More than reference ranges
• Support immune function optimization

General health blood tests that should be covered by the Australian medical system Medicare, are all that is required. We ask you to work with your GP to ensure all the general blood tests are included are they all tell a story about your total health and immune system status. In general we would request Iron Studies, B12, Haematology, Vitamin D, Cholesterol-Lipid profile, Chemistry and Thyroid as basic testing, if your doctor can elaborate to include some further inflammatory markers such as CRP and ESR, that is also very helpful, but not always covered.

Remember here your GP should be your partner in health and you need to let them know about your first your health concerns and second your hair and scalp concerns when requesting blood tests. Hair and scalp can be deemed cosmetic by the medical system and may not be reason enough for your GP to validate blood tests. When you have had past deficiency or hereditary health problems this should be mentioned to your GP, it all makes a difference.

To understand the importance of all this, ferritin is the storage tank for our iron which is required for oxygen, energy, many cellular functions and immune function. Ferritin reference range is 30-300, if your ferritin is 30 you are considered low but not a danger. This low range topped with other triggers such as stress, illness, injury or surgery is a recipe for an autoimmune attack. Another example is Vitamin D, reference range is 150-300 however most pathology departments are still using age old range of above 49. So, if your Vitamin D is at 60 your deemed fine, but science now know we need Vitamin D for immune function as well as many other functions including hormone production.

There is a story and contributing factors in every one of us particularly when dealing with autoimmune hair and scalp problems. We are cellularly connected in every way and unless you have studied the science it is hard to imagine how much everything is related. For a copy of a list of bloods to include please email Absolique Trichologist at and find out more about us at

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