Differences of Naturally Thin Hair and Thinning Hair, and Treatment to Reverse Hair Thinning

Differences of Naturally Thin Hair and Thinning Hair, and Treatment to Reverse Hair Thinning

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A man asks if thin hairs at the hairline, which are like peach fuzz, can be thickened with PRP+ ACell.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD reviews this question in this video where differentiates thinning hair that used to be thick, which can be thickened; from naturally thin hair that can’t be treated:

0:56 – Dr. Prasad’s background training, and his founding of TrichoStem Hair Regeneration Centers, which used the Hair Regeneration treatment to thicken thinning hair using PRP and extracellular matrix made by ACell
1:44 – How the peach fuzz-like hair is actually vellus hair, which is naturally fine and short
2:16 – How the diameter of vellus hair is 0.03 millimeters, while terminal hair (scalp) hair is 0.06 millimeters or greater
2:25 – How native vellus hair is naturally thin, so it was never destined to be thick like a terminal hair
2:44 – How the Hair Regeneration treatment thickens hair that was once thick, but grew thinner or are not growing due to male or female pattern hair loss
3:28 – If the fuzz at the frontal hairline is associated with pattern hair loss, then those hairs can be made thicker with the Hair Regeneration treatment
3:47 – If the hairs at the front of the hairline were never thick, then they can’t be made thicker
4:00 – How the wound healing concept of Hair Regeneration applies to damaged hair follicles, but cannot benefit vellus hairs that were never injured
4:46 – How the Hair Regeneration treatment corrects the hair growth cycle that leads to thinning hair
5:09 – How Hair Regeneration is best when there is as much thinning hair remaining as possible, but is limited when the scalp is completely smooth-bald
5:44 – A hair that was never thick cannot be treated, but hair that is thinning and close to disappearing can be made thicker

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