DIY Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask For Hair Growth, Dandruff & Hair Loss Treatment

DIY Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask For Hair Growth, Dandruff & Hair Loss Treatment

How to use fenugreek seed hair mask (methi hair pack) for hair growth, hair loss & dandruff removal at home. Benefits of using fenugreek seeds for hair. Fenugreek seeds have amazing hair benefits, if used regularly like in this homemade hair mask

1. Fenugreek for hair loss: Fenugreek seeds prevents hair loss, if used as a hair pack
2. Fenugreek for dandruff: Fenugreek seeds treats dandruff very effectively and I have been using this pack for more than 10 years now.
3. Fenugreek for hair growth: Regular application of fenugreek seeds on the hair stimulates new hair growth.
4. Fenugreek for hair conditioning: Fenugreek seeds condition the hair really well.
5. Fenugreek seeds for treating split ends: This hair mask when applied to hair ends prevents split ends very effectively.

Fenugreek : 3 tbsp
Yogurt: as needed

Try applying this hair mask at least weekly twice to stop hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth. If you are prone to asthma or wheezing please don’t use this mask.

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