Do STEROIDS Cause Hair Loss? Bodybuilders Who Lost Their Hair

Do STEROIDS Cause Hair Loss? Bodybuilders Who Lost Their Hair

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In this video Do STEROIDS Cause Hair Loss? Bodybuilders Who Lost Their Hair – we discuss the relationship between steroids and hair loss. Watch the video to find out the truth about how steroids affect your hormones and hair loss, what kinds of steroids damage your hair the most, as well as seeing a few case studies of bodybuilders who lost their hair!

Full Transcript:

Hey guys Leon here from, where people who are worried about their hair loss go to regrow their hair. Today we will be discussing steroids and hair loss. Is it true that taking steroids can increase your chances of going bald? Spoiler alert: it is. We’ll also be looking at a couple of examples of bodybuilders who might well have lost their hair through steroid abuse. So stay tuned – we have a good one for you today.

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I want you to take a careful look at this photograph. It’s from the 2018 Mr Olympia, arguably the world’s premiere bodybuilding competition. Do you notice anything funny? Sure, all the contestants are jacked, but we already knew that. It is a bodybuilding competition after all. OK, in case you didn’t spot it, almost all the contestants have shaved heads. And this is no fluke. Most bodybuilders in previous years’ competitions, as well as in the other major bodybuilding competitions, compete with shaven heads.

So steroids and hair loss. Guys there are 3 to 4 million steroid users in the US alone, meaning this is a huge topic for many of you watching this video. Now this is a very difficult area to study scientifically, as anabolic steroids in the US and most other countries are illegal. This presents a lot of practical and ethical problems for doctors and other scientists who want to do research, meaning a lot of the information out there is anecdotal.

With that out of the way, will steroids make you go bald? Now guys it is no secret that here at Hairguard we promote a healthy lifestyle and supplementation with safe, natural compounds. So anabolic steroids are obviously something that we would not recommend, even if you are a professional athlete. Having said that, we are not here to scaremonger, or tell you that as soon as you begin your first cycle your hair is guaranteed to fall off. That is not the case. In fact it’s likely that scaremongering by many healthcare professionals and politicians has caused athletes to simply lose trust and stop listening these authorities.

So yes, steroids are definitely not good for your hair. The whole points of taking steroids is to raise the androgens in your body to unnatural levels. Some of this excess androgen will eventually convert into DHT, and this will be bad news for your hair. But when it comes to hair loss not all steroids are created equal. For example Nandrolone, Turinabol, Human Growth Hormone (HGC) and low – I repeat low – levels of testosterone will not damage your hair as much as some other performance enhancing substances. And these other substances I am referring to, that absolutely are likely to attack and miniaturize your hair follicles, are Dianabol, Trenbolone, Winstrol and high doses of testosterone. Also, regardless of which steroid you take, you are far more likely lose hair if you are genetically predisposed to androgenetic alopecia. Without the genetic predisposition, you might very well get away with zero or hardly any hair loss. Also, if you do lose your hair, a lot of it will grow back when you get off the steroids, but be warned: it will be finer, and never as rich as it originally is.

And with that, let’s look at a couple of famous examples of bodybuilders who lost their hair, most likely due to steroids.

Rich Piana

Rich Piana’s untimely death in 2017, at the age of only 47 years old, was yet another sad reminder of the damages long-term steroid abuse can inflict on the body. The extensive substance abuse caused his internal organs to enlarge to such a degree, that by the time of his death his heart and liver were twice their normal size. Around the age of 40, Piana started to show the classic signs of androgenetic alopecia, with receding temples and a thinning forehead. As a result the bodybuilding celebrity resorted to the frequent use of baseball caps, as well as shaving his head.

Surprisingly, a few years later most of his hair had apparently grown back. Most likely Piana had a hair transplant, and this was probably a follicular unit transplantation, most commonly known as strip excision. This is evidenced by the conspicuous strip of scar tissue you can see at the side of his hair in this image.


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