Dr Batra's® review | Homeopathic Hair loss treatment at Dr Batra's®

Dr Batra's® review | Homeopathic Hair loss treatment at Dr Batra's®

Homeopathic Hair Loss Treatment –

Hair fall is a problem that frequently occurs in both men and women. The video showcases a man’s review of Dr Batra’s®. Mr. Mayank Mehta relates the traumatic times his little daughter had to undergo when she faced acute hair loss. A year ago, she started losing bunches of hair. It developed patches of baldness on her scalp. This began to get embarrassing because her friends at school teased her. Initially, he thought it was a minor hair loss problem that she was facing. In this hair loss treatment review, Mr. Mehta explains how he took his daughter to various doctors and physicians. She took allopathic medicines for a brief period. But, to her dismay, it didn’t work. In fact, over the months, she started to shed all her body and scalp hair.

The patient’s father took her to Dr Batra’s® health clinic at Anna Nagar. In his review of Dr Batra’s®, he mentioned that the hair loss treatment showed positive signs of improvement. Specific pull tests and biopsy were conducted. Post the tests; she was diagnosed with the condition of alopecia areata and Trichotillomania, where children tend to lose hair severely. The doctors said she was brought at a very late stage, and the treatment would be a little difficult, yet they would give their best efforts. Within 3 months of the treatment, her hair started to grow back to its normal state. There were no changes in diet that were suggested. She was asked to take regular doses of the homeopathic treatment. She was completely cured in a period of 6 six months. In this hair loss treatment review of Dr Batra’s®, Mr. Mehta reveals that his family is satisfied with the results. He is relieved that their daughter has gained her lost once again and recommends all people facing hair loss problems to visit them.

Dr Batra’s® uses the most advanced technology to diagnose illnesses related to hair fall and various other problems. For individual patients, the doctors perform a detailed case history, examination and evaluation of the disease. Just as Mr. Mehta spoke in his review of Dr Batra’s® that the doctors performed a biopsy, similarly some cases do require blood tests. Advanced clinical research and expert trichology techniques are used to treat each and every hair loss case differently. The treatment works towards reducing the thinning of hair and encourages hair growth. Dr Batra’s® has been widely appreciated and received numerous positive reviews from patients.

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