Dr Carrie Jones: Dealing w/ Heavy Periods, How to Increase Morning Energy, Keto For Women

Dr Carrie Jones: Dealing w/ Heavy Periods, How to Increase Morning Energy, Keto For Women

In this episode of The Keto Kamp Podcast, I interview Dr Carrie Jones about women’s health. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: “The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar” |


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In this episode, Dr. Carrie Jones speaks about common women’s health issues. Lack of energy is a common complaint which could be due to a variety of issues. It is essential to get morning sunlight to combat the lack of energy. If you do not have access to sunlight, Dr. Carrie says to get a full-spectrum light. Then, Carrie explains the importance of healthy fats on our hormones. If women are not eating healthy fats, they stop ovulating, their skin breaks out, and their hair is in poor health. Later, Dr. Carrie advises on how to prevent constipation and heavy periods.

[00:45] About Dr. Carrie Jones

[05:25] The Most Common Problem With Women’s Health
– There are metabolic and hormonal problems. Most women’s issues will fall into one of these two categories.
– A majority of women complain about their energy. Dr. Carrie says there is a lot of reasons for low energy. It can be cortisol, B12, thyroid, poor sleep, etc. Dr. Carrie does a series of tests to determine what could be causing low energy.

[07:50] The Importance of Morning Sunlight
– Morning sunlight is light and day difference.
– Open your curtains. The sunshine in your eyes will wake up your brain. You have twenty to thirty minutes when you switch from unconscious to alertness.
– If it’s dark when you wake up, you will need a full-spectrum light. It will give you the sensation of being outside. Turn it on for ten minutes to a few hours. You want it within eye view – don’t just set it on the counter and walk away. When you are getting ready, set it on the bathroom counter.

[15:15] Teas for Adrenal Health and Morning Energy
– Licorice blends and other supportive herbs.
– Every morning, Dr. Carries drinks green tea. Jasmine green tea is her favorite. Midmorning, Dr. Carrie drinks macha tea.

[17:00] The Role Healthy Fats Play With Our Hormones
– Cholesterol is the backbone of all our healthy hormones.
– If you don’t eat fat, a lot of things can happen to your body:
– You won’t ovulate, so you can’t get pregnant.
– Your skin will break out.
– Your hair will be too greasy or too dry.
– Fat will make hormones and increase cellular health.

[21:35] Dr. Carrie’s Favorite Fats and Least Favorite Fats
– Dr. Carrie responds well to olive-oil, avocados, and fish oil.
– Avoid industrial seed oils.

[25:00] About DUTCH (Dried Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones)

[31:40] Preventing Constipation
– Diet is also essential. We lack in fiber. Eat fiber and vegetables to move your stool.

[36:10] Eating the Keto Diet Without Restricting Hormones
– Hormones will tank out if women strictly eat keto. Women might not be doing the diet correctly. However, doing 100% keto will affect some women.
– Seven days before the cycle, progesterone should be the highest.

[41:50] Preventing Heavy Periods
– Heavy periods can happen because of low progesterone, iron deficiency, or low thyroid.
– A lot of women are not in tune with their cycle.
– Some women don’t know if they are releasing eggs. When we have enough progesterone, our bleeding is easy and straightforward.
– Some women have too much estrogen. This will result in heavy periods and lots of clots.
– Find out if you ovulate. Track temperatures and look at symptoms.
– If you want to ovulate, you need B vitamins.

[47:00] Post-Menopausal Women
– Women will need to be more diligent post-menopause.

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