Dr. Jeff Donovan – New Hair Loss Treatments on the Horizon

Dr. Jeff Donovan – New Hair Loss Treatments on the Horizon

http://donovanmedical.com – Dr Jeff Donovan is a Vancouver dermatologist. His practice is focused on hair loss, hair transplantation and hair loss research. This video highlights two possible treatments for hair loss in the future – hair cloning (using dermal cup stem cells) and topical treatment with the L’Oreal patented drug Stemoxydine.

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Practice areas include:

Women’s Hair Transplant Program
Women’s Hair Transplant Program for Afro-textured Hair
Women’s Eyebrows & Eyelashes Program
Women’s Hair Transplant Program for Scarring Alopecia
Women’s Non-surgical PRP Program
Men’s Hair Transplant Program
Men’s Hair Transplant Program for Afro-textured Hair
Men’s Early Onset MPB Program
Men’s Body Hair Transplant Program
Men’s Eyebrow & Facial Hair Program
Men’s Non-surgical PRP Program

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