Electricity For Hair Growth – Boost Anagen Growth Phase EASILY

Electricity For Hair Growth – Boost Anagen Growth Phase EASILY

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0:25 – Introduction
1:04 – What is ETG?
1:42 – How does ETG Work?
2:42 – Where Else is Electricity Used?
3:34 – History of Electrotrichogenesis
5:10 – Scientific Results
6:56 – Benefits of Treatment
8:02 – Try ETG RISK-FREE!

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The treatment we’ll be covering today has the potential to be the next best big thing in male pattern baldness, so let’s get straight into it.

We’ll first learn what ETG is, how it works, other uses for electricity outside of hair growth, a bit of the history of ETG, the science behind it, and of course, the benefits of this treatment.

This is really exciting stuff, and make sure to stay tuned to the end where I’ll show you how you can start using ETG in your hair care regime – totally risk free.

What is electrothrichogenesis? Well for starters, let’s see where the name comes from.

Electrotrichogenesis is a combination of three Greek words:
Electro (ηλεκτρο) = electricity
Tricho (τριχο) = hair
Genesis (γενεσις) = growth

So the method is literally about using the biological effect of electricity to stimulate the growth of new hairs, and the primary application being targeted is male pattern baldness.

The devices that are being studied and developed come in various shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is they all come into contact with the scalp, where the electricity is applied directly. So, it’s a topical treatment.

So, how on earth does it work?

Now, if you’re not familiar with the field of medical devices, this might seem a bit, well, odd.

Electricity is good for powering up the gadgets and appliances that we use daily, but as most of us have learned the hard way, when it comes into direct contact with our body it can be very nasty.

So, ETG is all about the voltage.

Now, in the US for example, the household voltage that powers your television and fridge is 110V. Touch a live cable at those voltages and you’ll be in trouble, no doubt about it.

But devices that use electricity to treat various medical or cosmetic conditions, like ETG, apply voltages that are hundreds, if not thousands of times lower than what you get directly through your power socket.

The voltages are so low that you don’t even feel the electricity, but they are just the right intensity for the cells in our body to regenerate themselves in all sorts of ways.

Interesting, right?

So where else is electricity used, other than for hair growth?

Guys, I have to tell you, there is probably no other element of nature with as many applications in the world of medical devices as electricity.

For example there’s a very commonly used class of devices that use electricity to treat pain, and they’re called TENS devices, short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Other devices use electrical stimulation to treat muscular injuries or accelerate recovery times in bony fractures, as well as promote the healing of wounds.

Guys, there are even medical devices that use tiny electrical currents for the treatment of depression, insomnia and anxiety disorders.

When you realize this, you actually start to wonder what took researches and device manufacturers so long to start looking into electrical stimulation of hair growth…

We find electrical stimulation first mentioned as a possible treatment for baldness in 1980, but it would be another 10 years till the first large scale, rigorous studies tool place.

The results of this study are very interesting…

In a double blind, placebo-controlled trial, a team of Canadian scientists studied a group of 56 men with various stages of male pattern baldness.

Some men were randomly assigned to receive a weekly treatment with an electrotrichogenesis device on their scalp, whereas the rest were randomly assigned to receive the so-called sham treatment.

Now, in trials of medical devices, sham treatments are the equivalent of placebo pills. They are quote “treatments” that look like the real deal but really have no biological effect on the human body whatsoever.



This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

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