Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Procapil

Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Procapil

For prevention of Hair Loss and long-term treatment of hair growth.
Active Substances
Oleanolic Acid
Biotinly Tripeptide-1
It activates weak hair follicles and extends growth phase of hair cycle.
+1 Support On Your Hair
Has 3 different effects in terms hair loss
1. Hair follicle stimulating and vasodilatation effects
2. DHT formation preventing effect;
Regionally it inhibits 5-alpha reductase Type II enzyme and deceases intensity of DHT’ on scalp. It does not constitute side effect as it does not participate in systematic circulation.
3. Follicle barrier effect;
It prevents the damage to follicle by DHT in cellular level by forming a collagen barrier preventing reach of DHT to occur to the follicle.

While comparison to procapilin finasteride usage decreases formation of DHT hormone, which is the most important reason of Procapil hair loss (5 alpha reductase inhibits 2 enzyme), it inceases collagen IV level in hair follicle and also prevents permanent damage on follicle by DHT. This study demonstrates comparison to data published for 1 mg/day Finasteride used as a pill orally for 11 months (Van Netse et. al). It demonstrates a major increase in anagen/telogen rate according to the treatment, in which Finasteride treatment is applied, in the group, which is treated with Procapil™.
Usage: It is applied by spraying for 5 times on the region with hair loss in the morning and evening for 2 times in a day. Daily treatment dose is 2 ml. It is applied by massaging the region sprayed by fingertips.
It may be used as a support to the treatment in Alopecia Areata indication.
It is topically used in terms of preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth in long-term treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia
The study is performed in comparison with 1% minoxidil, 1% procapil, 2,5% procapil and placebo solutions. In the study, the sample is taken on the first day and on day 14 of the study, hair shaft (hair diameter) is measured. The results achieved are given in the adjacent diagram.
Evocapil Shampoo, in which pH is (5,5), appropriate to clean the hair and scalp and to provide sebum and pH balance of scalp is suitable for daily usage in women and men.
It may be used for all types of hair.

In its content; there are 2% Procapil, (Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinly Tripeptide-1), ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Herbal extracts (Bee’s Pollen).

• Melanin Test: No change is detected in skin melanin in tests performed with Evocapil.
• Allergy: It is proved that Evocapil does not cause any irritant and/or allergic reactions.
• Sebum: It is observed in the tests performed that Evocapil protects sebum (oil) balance of the skin.
• Moisture: It is observed in the tests performed that Evocapil make no change in skin moisture.
• pH: It is determined in the confidence tests performed that Evocapil protects skin pH (acid-base balance).
• Systematical side effect: It is proved that Evocapil hair spray and shampoo show their effects LOCALLY in the regions (hair and scalp), in which application is made, and they have no systematic side effects.
Usage: Apply it on wet hair by softly massaging, wait for one minute and thoroughly rinse. Usage daily or every other day is suitable.


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