*EXPOSED* Nutrafol Vs. Viviscal (Compare which is better?) Ingredients Review, Side Effects Results

*EXPOSED* Nutrafol Vs. Viviscal (Compare which is better?) Ingredients Review, Side Effects Results

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RedRestore.com talks about the *MAJOR* differences in the ingredients behind Viviscal and Nutrafol hair growth systems. We also cover some side effects you need to know before starting treatments

Two supplements that you may have heard of are Nutrafol and Viviscal.

Nutrafol is an oral supplement that uses a range of natural neutraceuticals to encourage hair growth.

Neutraceuticals are plant-derived ingredients thought to provide pharmacological benefits.

One of the most important ingredients in Nutrafol is saw palmetto, which can possibly reduce DHT levels.

DHT is a male sex hormone that attacks and shrinks hair follicles, eventually leading to hair thinning, so reducing DHT can be an important step in stopping hair loss.

Nutrafol also contains ashwagandha, tocotrienols, and curcumin, which all help to create a healthier environment for hair growth.

The research into Nutrafol is positive, with one study showing that Nutrafol managed to significantly increase hair growth in female patients over a 6 month period.

Viviscal, on the other hand, is an oral supplement that focuses on nutrients that are sourced from the sea.

Marine complex supplements made up of proteins, fats and nutrients have been shown to improve hair growth by enhancing the dermal papilla cells that play a key role in the hair growth cycle, and it seems Viviscal is no exception.

A 2016 study found that when participants with alopecia were given Viviscal’s marine complex supplement for 180 days, they saw a significant increase in hair count and density.

Both Nutrafol and Viviscal have shown significant results when it comes to hair growth, so in the race for best supplement, it all comes down to personal preference.

Ingredient lists can be a great way to decide which supplement is best for you.

Both Nutrafol and Viviscal contain a marine complex, although Nutrafol only contains cod-derived collagen, so it may be preferable for those with shellfish allergies.

The different ingredients in Nutrafol help to reduce DHT, cortisol, and inflammation levels, all improving the conditions for hair growth.

Viviscal, on the other hand, targets dermal papilla cells to enhance the hair growth cycle.

Individuals looking to cover a wider range of symptoms may, therefore, decide on Nutrafol, whereas those wanting targeted action on the hair growth cycle might look to Viviscal.

Topical treatments like laser therapy is typically safe to use in conjunction with either Nutrafol or Viviscal.

Laser therapy uses red and near-infrared light to improve hair growth by reducing DHT levels and increasing blood flow.

By using supplements alongside treatments such as laser therapy, users may see even greater hair-growth results.



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