Four Unique Solutions for Thinning Hair

Four Unique Solutions for Thinning Hair

Here are four unique solutions that help many people obtain thicker hair, several of which I’ll bet you haven’t heard about:

Wheat and grain elimination–The massive reversal of skin inflammation that accompanies wheat and grain elimination causes many people to enjoy thicker hair.

Iodine supplementation and thyroid optimization

Lactobacillus reuteri–To amplify bacterial counts and thereby benefits, we ferment yogurt with this species, entirely unlike conventional store-bought yogurt. Consuming 1/2 cup per day causes your hypothalamus to release the hormone oxytocin that, in turn, yields spectacular skin benefits including thicker hair.

Collagen–From foods such as the skin of chicken and fish, slow-cooked meats, or from collagen hydrolysates can also thicken hair, especially in combination with L. reuteri.

Here is how to make the L. reuteri yogurt:

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