GreenBeauty ONION JUICE recipe UPDATE !!

GreenBeauty ONION JUICE recipe UPDATE !!

I’ve been using my ONION JUICE RECIPE for the whole year (2017) and recorded my hairs progress each month.

– Onion Essential Oil also provides the same benefits. Onion essential oil is potent so make sure you mix it with a carrier oil. Black Castor Oil is a great option.
– To mask an onion smell, add essential oils to your shampoo to wash it out. Also, add an essential oil to whatever oil and/or cream you use to style your hair.
– Make sure to keep your eyes closed while washing out the onion juice recipe so the pepper does not get into your eyes.
– The cayenne pepper also does a great job at opening your pores on your face. So, this is a great time to use a really good facial moisturizer on your face b/c it will penetrate really well.
– Its safe to use this Onion Juice recipe on the same day you use a Clay Cleanser, REAL Protein Treatment, Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, Rice Water Rinse and ACV Rinse

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