Hair Loss Cure – How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Women – Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Cure – How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Women – Hair Loss Treatment

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How to prevent hair loss in men and women
Hair loss has many potential causes, including diet, mineral deficiency, medications, severe stress or disease, pollution, and genetics. Up to a third of the population suffers from hair loss, and third, many are women. No guarantee can prevent hair loss is genetically programmed or hair loss caused by factors that are not under their control; However, you can do the best for your hair to give you the greatest chance to stay in top condition and not leave his head before what is needed.

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1 Limit the use of hair dryers
Heat weakens hair proteins. Constant heating and drying can lead to fragility and brittleness that can cause hair loss would not have occurred otherwise. Natural drying is best for your hair, which aims to dry naturally more often than heat drying.

2 Prevent permanent
The permanent refers to any chemical or chemical straightening curling, which can damage the hair. It works specifically breaking the internal links of your hair and then reform a different straightening or curling hair way. This weakens the hair, so it is opaque, dry and brittle.

3 Reduce consumption of dyes and chemicals
Frequent use of chemicals hair dye increases the chances of serious harm being done to the hair. Never color your hair more frequently than every four to six weeks.

4 Do not bleach your hair
Bleaching hair removes the natural pigment when cuticles are penetrated by chemicals. Doing this will change the structure of your hair and what is more susceptible to damage. You are making it weaker so that bleaching with blow drying and styling can really damage your hair.

5 Wash your hair with mild shampoo
Washing hair helps prevent hair loss because it can keep hair and scalp clean (avoiding the possibility of infections that can cause hair loss). You should try not to wash your hair every day, as the shampoo can remove hair of its natural oils – target for every two days maximum.

6 Use a good hairbrush
How to brush your hair can have a significant impact on the condition of your hair. Go for a soft natural fiber brush, brush and not top down but from the bottom out. Be as smooth as possible and do not pull too hard.

7 Try a scalp massage
A scalp massage with a nourishing oil (such as coconut, rosemary, lavender or almond oil) increases blood flow to the surface of the skin of the head and hair follicles. Rubbing and kneading your scalp skin is heated and increases circulation so the follicle cells receive plenty of nutrients which in turn maximize the potential for hair growth.

8 Having a healthy and balanced diet
Nutritional responses to prevent hair loss are simple common sense approaches to keeping you, your hair and scalp healthy. A healthy body is more likely to have a healthy hair unhealthy. It is possible that hair loss can be slowed by a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

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