Hair Loss in Men | Self-Help Tips

Hair Loss in Men | Self-Help Tips

Did you know that hair loss could be the first visible sign of heart disease? A review of studies involving almost 40,000 men has found that those with male pattern baldness – losing hair from the crown of their head – had up to a 70 percent increased risk of heart disease. The younger they were when they lost their hair and the greater the extent of their baldness, the higher their risk.

Male pattern baldness also called androgenetic alopecia, occurs because the hair follicles on the scalp shrink. It can take 25 years to develop or it may happen in five years and is heavily influenced by heredity. It runs in families and is associated with the production of the male hormone testosterone. Finding a visual cue for heart disease such as hair fall is important because it can serve as an early-warning signal both to individuals to change their lifestyles and to doctors to conduct further tests to prevent the disease developing before it triggers a heart attack.

Having said that, there are several DIY tips you can follow for hair fall control. Find out the best hair growth tips with 4 easy steps in this self-help video.

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