Hair Loss Treatment Men’s Story

Hair Loss Treatment Men’s Story

Hair Loss Treatment Men’s Story
Suspected male pattern hair thinning describing bald patch and hair loss. Age 37 with family history from Dad whom has lost most of his hair on top and Mum also had hair thinning but not in the typical pattern hair thinning areas, more diffuse all over the scalp. Noticed hair seemed to be getting thinner over the last year and three months which was interesting because pattern hair thinning alone is a very slow progressing hair miniaturization, and not hair loss that is rapid.
In an otherwise healthy individual, there were some past sports injuries and hip fracture but neither required surgery or medication. Absolique Trichologist always ask to check your recent or past blood test just to make sure everything is in order for healthy hair growth and normal cellular function. Bloods showed low Vitamin D which generally mean low EFA’s (essential fatty acids), both required for normal functioning immune system, healthy hair, skin and nails and normal cellular function. Bloods also showed high end ferritin which needs to be watches as can be associated with autoimmune hematomacrosis where your body stores too much iron and causes cellular problems.
Hair Loss Treatment Men’s Story:
• Family history male pattern hair thinning
• Diffuse hair thinning represents some cellular dysfunction
• Vitamin D deficiency and high iron stores can contribute
• Good results without minoxidil or DHT blockes
Microscopic diagnosis uncovered scalp scale and scalp oil also associated with EFA deficiency. Microscope also showed up to 14 hairs per centimetre in the terminal area well away from any pattern hair thinning related to hereditary factors. This represents diffusely the hair is not growing at its optimum which can indicate past hair loss or hair thinning due to body imbalances, lows, highs and lowered immunity. There was also the presence of male pattern hair thinning with vellus hairs, and transitional hairs at front, top, recessions and crown.
Treatment options were provided from step one through to four, always starting with a simple hair washing routine to stabilize the hair cell, hair cycle and scalp along with protecting against further thinning from male pattern hair thinning. This simple approach in a healthy human can be enough to halt the hair thinning. In this case my client was looking for some hair regrowth, so we added another topical step to connect to the hair cell and hair cycle at a cellular level for hair regrowth from diffuse hair thinning and pattern hair thinning.
Absolique Trichologist will always use this safe step before using Minoxidil. There are many cases where we cannot use minoxidil for fertility and safety reasons, so it is refreshing to have safe alternatives such as with Absolique GRN – grow, revitalize, nourish. We check results every four months as it takes this long to grow hair, and the hair regrowth before and after photos are attached here. For help with your individual hair thinning, bald patch, hair loss, scalp problem or autoimmune concerns, please contact Absolique Trichologist at and find out more about us and other success stories at
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