Hair Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

Hair Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

With so many hair trends out there, it’s easier than ever to change things up. But new trends move once-beloved styles to the back burner, and soon they’re headed toward extinction. As they say, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Here are the trends we ditched in 2019.

Ombré hair was a trend you may have never wanted to give up. It’s French for “shadow,” easy to maintain over time, and according to hair giant, Matrix,

“The overall look of ombré hair color can change as your hair grows out, which many clients enjoy!”

But it seems all great hair trends must come to an end. And ombré is quote, “definitely over.” At least according to Chaz Dean, a renowned celebrity hairstylist and founder of WEN Hair & Body Care. Jana Rago, runway hair stylist and owner of Boston-based Jana Rago Studios, agrees, saying,

“People are starting to go for more natural-looking color like a balayage. With balayage highlights, the colors [blend] seamlessly into the hair without having bleached ends like ombré. It’s overall a more natural way to brighten the hair.”

Watch the video to see more hair trends everyone ditched in 2019!

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Adios, ombré! | 0:17
Ruh-roh, rainbow! | 1:05
M-kay, messy bun! | 1:57
Buh-bye blunt bangs! | 2:55
Peace out, platinum! | 3:36
Ash ya later! | 4:40
G’day, gray! | 5:42
Ok, bob-ers! | 6:34
Beach waves bye! | 7:14
Hit the road, highlights! | 8:03
Over-styled is over! | 8:36
Punch out, pink! | 9:26
Don’t relax! | 10:19
Fade away, fades! | 11:03
Extinct extensions?! | 11:46


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