Hair Vitamins Nearly Destroyed My Skin! Avoid my mistake.

Hair Vitamins Nearly Destroyed My Skin! Avoid my mistake.

Hair Vitamins cause acne?! Wait, what? Why aren’t they telling us this?
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My story of how I went from “practically perfect” skin to severe breakouts thanks to hair gummies and listening to bad advice on YouTube. We’re constantly getting ads for beauty and hair vitamins that promise everything from faster growing hair and nails to perfect skin. But they are these gimmicks just made for us to buy into a product, or worse… can too much of a “good thing” do more harm than good? Learn from my mistakes (and just learn some about all the different types of Vitamin B and the difference between Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B12.) Read the ingredients on your vitamins and supplements and do some basic research before believing everything you see online.

My little public service announcement: If you’re interested in supplements or vitamins, it’s so important to talk with your doctor. You have a professional who knows your situation and all the medications, supplements, etc. and how they’re all going to interact in your case.

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