{ Hindi } QR 678 – Best Hair Treatment for Men & Women to Get Rid of Hair Fall & Loss in India

{ Hindi } QR 678 – Best Hair Treatment for Men & Women to Get Rid of Hair Fall & Loss in India

Nowadays the problem of excessive hair fall has become as common as pimples in teenage. Excessive hair fall is not only an indication of poor scalp health but it is also detrimental to the self-worth. Many people in the world try to hide their hair fall by either covering their head with a scarf or cap or by blaming the hair fall on their genes and pollution.

The good news comes in the form of the QR678 solution, which is a minimally invasive hair fall treatment method, which not only stops hair fall but also treats the root cause of the problem. Most common reasons for hair fall include genetics, improper diet, age, and poor internal health. Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor of The Esthetic Clinics have developed QR678 solution for hair fall treatment after years of research and tests.

It contains a mix of essential natural growth factors that bring back the shining and natural hair in just under one year. QR678 works by stimulating hair growth and strengthens the weak hair by reversing the hair growth process from the telogen phase into the anagen phase (i.e. the growth phase). QR678 solution is injected in the areas where hair loss is evident. It is an outpatient procedure and there is no need for the patient to take a break from their routine activities. You will be able to start seeing the results in just two months of treatment.

As opposed to other treatments such as medications, hair transplant, stem cell and PRP treatment, QR678 does not have any side effects and is the only hair fall treatment that is FDA approved and has received both US and Indian patent. QR678 has been successfully tested by over 10000 patients worldwide and has shown over 80% results.

If you are worried about hair fall then head to your nearest The Esthetic Clinics today for a hassle free hair fall treatment. The Esthetic Clinics has branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata.

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