How to Apply Activating Serum on a Dry Scalp | Male

How to Apply Activating Serum on a Dry Scalp | Male

Add our naturally derived Activating Serum to your post-shower routine with these three easy steps. Our serum helps rebalance scalp oil levels, maintain healthy hair growth, and is a drug-free solution for hair loss treatment.

1. Apply Serum: Using one full dropper of Activating Serum, touch the dropper to your scalp, release a small amount of serum, and move to another spot on your scalp until you’ve used the full dropper worth of serum. You won’t need more than one dropper full for any one application.

Even if you’re only experiencing thinning or loss in one area, it’s important to apply the Activating Serum all over your scalp to promote full scalp wellness — and prevent hair loss or hair thinning.

2. Massage In: Take 30 seconds to one minute and massage the Activating Serum into your scalp to ensure an even spread. Plus, it’s relaxing!

3. Blow Dry (Even If Your Hair is Dry): After you apply the serum, it’s important to blow dry your scalp on a cool or warm setting — even if your hair is already dry. This helps eliminate moisture that could lead to bacterial growth and lifts the hair shaft near the follicle, giving you an extra boost of volume.

Collective Laboratories’ one-of-a-kind Activating Serum helps rebalance scalp oil levels and maintain healthy hair growth. It’s also a drug-free alternative for common hair loss issues such as: Androgenetic Alopecia, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Telogen Effluvium, Postpartum Hair Loss, Hashimoto’s Disease, and more.

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