How to Grow Hair Faster|Hair Growth Tips that Work!|Healthy Hair Tips|Hair Talk Tuesday➝CONECIA

How to Grow Hair Faster|Hair Growth Tips that Work!|Healthy Hair Tips|Hair Talk Tuesday➝CONECIA



Y’all! Welcome back to another Hair Talk Tuesday! Have you ever asked yourself why is my hair so dry,? Why is my hair always breaking? Why does it seem like my hair is not growing at all? Why can’t I keep my hair healthy? What am I doing wrong with my natural hair? The truth is everyone’s hair is growing but there are a number of factors that will determine if the new growth stays without falling out or breaking off! Once I learned to incorporate this tip into my routine on a consistent basis, it really changed the game for my natural hair! It seems like a frivolous tip or something that we bypass because it is so standard but focusing on this one tip will make a major difference when it comes to the health of your hair and can even help with promoting hair growth! This Hair Talk Tuesday tip is MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE! Our hair needs moisture and needs to remain moisturized!

In this video, I share with you the benefits of moisture when it comes to natural hair and hair growth, the misconception of what moisture actually is, what is considered to be moisture and tips on how to incorporate moisture into your routine (based on what I do).

I am not a professional and I am not recommending that you use any of these hacks or products without first doing your own thorough research! I am only sharing my best practices and things that I have incorporated into my hair growth journey and received growth benefits from! So use at your own risk!

These are hair growth hacks, supplements and tips that I am willing to try to see if it works for fast hair growth. The claims are that it should help to make your natural hair thicker, shinier, stronger and helps with length retention.


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