How to identify a fake supliment..?

How to identify a fake supliment..?

How To Tell If Your Protein Powder Is Fake

Most things with good sales records are vulnerable to be sold on the black market. Our beloved protein supplements are no different. There have been numerous instances where duplicate protein powders were being sold in through underground channels.

You’re more prone to fake supplements if you live in developing countries where most of the supplements are imported from countries like USA and Canada. Consuming fake supplements for prolonged periods can have a negative impact on your body.

There is a probability you’ve been using fake supplements for a long time without knowing it. If you’ve just started using protein powders, chances are you won’t know what they should be like. This is the complete guide to know if your protein powder is fake –

1. Solubility

Fake supplements aren’t there to improve your muscle mass, they focus on making the smugglers rich. These smugglers use the cheapest materials to make the protein supplements which leads to hard insoluble powders.

If you’ve ever used a genuine protein supplement, you would know how easy it is to dissolve in water. Fake protein supplements are the opposite of this. You won’t be able to mix fake protein powder in water with a spoon. You will need a blender bottle and some hard shakes of the wrist to dissolve the powder in the water.

2. Texture

If you’ve ever seen a protein supplement before this point, you know the powder has a constant texture. This might not be the case with fake supplements. You can expect to find irregularities in the powder.

These irregularities can be anything from vitamin powders to crushed chalk. It is recommended you buy supplements which have a unique flavor. Flavors like chocolate and vanilla are the most common to be tampered with.

3. Taste

When you tamper with the ingredients of a supplement, it will surely affect its taste. The best way to check if a protein is fake or not is to check its taste. If you know someone who is using the same protein powder, exchange one serving with them.

This taste test will be enough to reveal if you have the real thing. Fake protein supplements are also known to have a pungent smell and leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Also, check if your supplement has the same taste throughout. If the taste is changing after every serving, you have a fake supplement.

4. Side Effects

Since fake supplements have cheaper ingredients or substitute elements, they can have a negative effect on your body. If you see any ill effects on your body after switching to a new supplement, it’s a sign of a fake protein powder.

The most common side effects of fake supplements are the formation of acne and marks on your back and arms, and hair fall. Stop using the supplements when any of these signs start appearing.

5. Packaging

The product packaging of these fake supplements can be the biggest giveaway. Smugglers might use a substandard quality of jars or labels to save cost. If you have seen the original packaging, you would be able to tell the difference without a problem.

There are some cases where these crooks use the disposed and intact boxes of supplement to repackage their fake supplements. It can be hard in such situations to tell the difference between the real and the fake. It is always advised to crush your containers after you’re done using them to prevent piracy.