How To Know If You’re Going BALD – The DEFINITIVE Guide

How To Know If You’re Going BALD – The DEFINITIVE Guide

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In this video we tell you exactly how to know if you’re going bald – the definitive guide. Learn all the telltale signs of going bald, hair thinning, hair loss, and how to stop it plus how to regrow your hair!

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Worried that you might be going bald? In this video we will tell you the tell-tale signs of early male pattern baldness, and what you can do about them. Make sure to stay tuned.

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Early signs of male pattern baldness
Now without any further delay let’s get into it. The early signs of male pattern baldness.

Number 1. An excess of shed hair in the shower or bathtub. Guys one of the main mechanisms of male pattern baldness is a change in the hair growth cycle. Normal hair goes through three different phases: firstly, the anagen or growth phase, where the hair follicle is expanding and the hair is actively growing. In healthy hair this typically lasts between 3 to 5 years. Second, the catagen or regression phase, where hair growth ceases and the follicle begins to shrink. This normally lasts a few weeks. Finally, there is the telogen or rest phase, when the hair follicle is completely at rest, ready to start its next anagen growth phase. It is during this phase, which last about 3 months, that the hair can fall off very easily, from even the slightest application of pressure. Now in a healthy scalp only a small proportion of hair will be at telogen at any given time, usually around 10%. Most of the remaining 90% will be in the anagen or growth phase, when the hair is firmly rooted by the follicle and very unlikely to fall off. But in male pattern baldness the anagen or growth phase is dramatically reduced in duration, from years down to months or even weeks. This will result in a larger proportion of your scalp hair at the catagen and telogen phases. And as we said it is hair in the telogen that can fall off at the slightest mechanical pressure, as for example when you massage the shampoo into your scalp or wash it off with your hands. If you are concerned that you are losing many hairs when you shower, a simple device like a hair catcher will allow you to keep track of the exact number of lost hairs, and establish a baseline for future comparisons.

Number 2. Excessive hairs on the pillows or bedsheet. For the same reasons that we just discussed, one of the first signs of hair loss you might notice will be a larger that usual number of hairs on your pillow or sheets. Since you will spend approximately one third of your day in bed, this is where most telogen hairs will fall off, as they rub against the pillows or sheets while you are sleeping. If you do think you’re seeing a lot of shed hairs when you wake up every morning, you can try using white bedding and keeping a daily photographic record to keep track of how your hair loss progresses through time.

Number 3. Receding temples. Guys male pattern baldness is a condition with a well-described, predictable progression. In other words it has a beginning, a middle and an end. And for the majority of guys the beginning stage will lie in the temples. One day you look in the mirror and you realize that your temples look unusually large, larger than you ever remembered them. You go through old photographs of yourself and now you have irrefutable evidence that you’re not imagining things, and that your temples have indeed grown in size. Bad news guys I’m afraid: this pattern of hair loss is a hallmark of male pattern baldness that sets it apart from most other hair loss conditions.

Number 4. Thinning in the crown. Though the majority of men start losing their hair in the frontal hairline – and the temples in particular – there are some who will develop hair loss in the crown or vertex area of the scalp first. Now the crown will be a more difficult area for you to see compared to other parts of the head, and your hair loss might be quite advanced by the time you notice this. It might even be someone else, like a friend or family member who brings it to your attention for the first time. A thinning or balding crown is a very strong indication of early male pattern baldness.

Number 5. Visible scalp. We left what can be perhaps the most alarming, distressing sign of male pattern baldness for the end. A visible scalp. One day, usually under very harsh lighting, you realize you can see your scalp directly through your hair.



This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.


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