How to Moisturize your Hair after Henna and Ayurvedic Hair Treatments

How to Moisturize your Hair after Henna and Ayurvedic Hair Treatments

Hey all! I had to upload this after the fact due to YouTube technical difficulties (this is a weekly live class). But like they say, the show just go on.

Today’s class was about moisturizing your hair strands after you use henna for hair and ayurvedic treatments.

Other then ALWAYS adding our Aloe Vera Powder to your recipes (watch at 1:07 to hear my confession), you should always use one of our CoWashes to detangle and add back moisture to the hair strands.

While your hair is still damp, moisturize using one of our hair oils or your favorite leave in conditioner. Then seal with Cocoveda Hair Oil.

If you are doing a non-coloring treatment you can also deep condition with our Cocoveda Hair Mask or Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher. This is not always recommended if you do a henna coloring treatment, as it may pull some of the color out.

Always listen to your hair. It’ll always tell you the truth. Make necessary adjustments and ask us for help.

QUESTION: How do you like to moisturize after your hair treatments? Comment below.


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