How To Use Argon Oil To Reduce Hair Fall & Boost New Hair Growth

How To Use Argon Oil To Reduce Hair Fall & Boost New Hair Growth

Keeping long and strong hair is what most women want. It looks beautiful and feminine and makes them feel young and confident.

But maintaining long and strong hair is not easy it gets dull and brittle and tends to break every time you try to comb or style your hair.

No worries though.

We are going to tell you a very effective and time tested oil which has been used since ages for hair growth.

Argan oil is also called “liquid gold” and it is one of the best hair nourishers which has the property to reduce hair fall and boost new hair growth.

Argon oil has a high amount of Vitamin E which helps in nourishing scalp and hair follicles and restoring its health by reversing the damage done by pollution and harsh environment.

Argon oil is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which helps in preventing the oxidative damage and inflammation of the scalp resulting in increased hair growth.

The high amount of omega 6 fatty acids and linolenic acid in argan oil makes it the best oil for the restoration of lost shine and luster.

Argon oil is also a great humectant that means it locks the moisture in your hairs making it shiny and strong. This makes it the best oil for dry hair.

Regular argon oil application on the scalp improves the vascularization of the scalp and promotes new hair growth in areas of hair thinning.

Here is how to use argon oil correctly.


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