I Went From Being The Prettiest Girl To An Ugly Bald One

I Went From Being The Prettiest Girl To An Ugly Bald One

I Went From Being The Prettiest Girl To An Ugly Bald One

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Hi, my name is Charlotte and recently my darkest secret got revealed. Well, I am not sure if it’s that dark, but it has always made me feel ashamed of myself. My problem started to develop at the age of 13, when I was going through lots of problems . Dealing with my parents, friends, school work and all got me under too much pressure, and my way of dealing with it was the most disturbing you could think of. I started pulling out my own hair!
Yeah, you heard me right, I’m just like the old crazy lady in movies that uncontrollably keeps pulling out her hair. But unlike the movies, my problem is real and very serious, because I can’t stop doing it and it’s making me go bald! While stopping this habit might seem for some people like a simple thing to do, for me it is the hardest thing in the world. In fact, I’ve tried to stop several times and it has been nothing but a series of failed attempts. The thing is, whenever I pull out my hair, I instantly feel like I’m getting the stress relief I need, and it feels so satisfying! I somehow start to think better and I get a feeling that everything is under my control!
This annoying and shameful habit has resulted in me going bald and it became my worst nightmare, I thought about it day and night, and ironically, it was stressing me out so much that it caused me to pull out even more hair! Not only that, but before my problem with pulling out my hair started, I was one of the prettiest girls at my school, and people always complimented my looks. But now, I hardly feel pretty anymore, I hide my bald spots with a hat and a hoodie, and I wear baggy clothes that don’t draw any attention to me. I walk around school with my head down and purposely try to keep a low profile because it makes it easier to hide my insecurity and never talk about it to anyone.
Until one day, my parents called me in my dad’s office and it was time to discuss my issue. Even though they were my parents, I still found it hard to open up about it, but they were very patient with me and kept trying until I finally spoke. I ran into my mother’s arms as started crying, I told her that I feel like a bald freak and that I’m very embarrassed from my problem. My mother comforted me and said that she and dad will make sure I overcome this. They then suggested that I start going to a special therapist, who offers help and treatment to Trichotillomania. Also, as a temporary solution, they said they would but me a good quality wig that looks like my natural hair. I was so happy! Everything my parents offered seemed to ease my problem and make me feel better. And, I was very excited about getting a wig!
Shortly after, my mother and I went to the hair salon, and chose a wig that matched my real hair color. I put it on, and looking at myself in the mirror, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I was amazed! I felt like I finally started to get my old self back, which made my eyes tear up. I knew that the next day at school I will go there with my head up high and I will walk around with confidence for a change!
The next day I woke up feeling really enthusiastic about going to school. I wore my wig and put on some nice clothes, and went off to school feeling like I’m on top of the world. When I got there, I noticed that I was turning heads, as everybody was looking at me and thinking how beautiful I am, or perhaps how DIFFERENT I looked!
However, my happiness did not last long and it all was too good to be true. Some of the snobby girls like Jessica and Ashlee started gossiping about me, and soon enough, there was a rumor going around that I was wearing a wig. I tried to ignore that negativity and I went on with my day, but Jessica and Ashlee wouldn’t let it go. At lunch time, both of them came up to me and started asking all kinds of questions that had one goal – to embarrass me in front of everyone. They were like, “wow Charlotte, your hair looks gorgeous, what kind of product you use for your wig–I mean hair” and they were laughing hysterically. I felt so uncomfortable and just wanted to leave the scene, but when I started walking in


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