iHelmet Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Women & Men – Safe FDA Cleared Hair Growth Therapy

iHelmet Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Women & Men – Safe FDA Cleared Hair Growth Therapy


iHelmet – Advanced Hair Loss Treatment

Leading the Regrowth Revolution

We are very excited to offer the new FDA cleared iHelmet 88S. The value of this device is the quality it is made with and the technology that goes into it. This iHelmet Model 88S, is an effective treatment for men and women suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.

This 3rd generation laser hair growth helmet has 88 individually placed lasers throughout the helmet.

You will be able to customize treatments, tailoring to your specific hair growth needs with 7 separate treatment zones. The custom zones allow you to identify your specific trouble areas – your hair thinning pattern – and focus the treatment only where it is needed. This provides a better outcome. Even the movable soft rubber fitting tabs, designed to ensure the helmet fits well on your head for customized comfort, show the level of detail and thought that went into making the iHelmet.

Beyond the iHelmet build and design, there has been a great deal of expertise invested into the development of the smartphone app that you use to tailor your treatments and monitor your progress. Through the app you will take baseline pictures, set up your treatment routine and customized zone approach. You will get reminders and guidance on treatment times to ensure you stay on track and you will be able to see the progress by comparing the pictures as you go. John, when comparing this device to others, people are impressed with the quality of build, the professionalism of the app, and the results that they get – and they know the results they are getting is real by the comparisons that are tracked in-app for you.

The product will automatically pause treatment if the sensor detects that the head is not in close proximity to the sensor, and will resume again once close enough. At the end of the treatment, an audible tone beeps to indicate the treatment is over and then the helmet will automatically shut off.