Insecure about Hair Loss while Socializing? FOR YOUNG GUYS!

Insecure about Hair Loss while Socializing? FOR YOUNG GUYS!

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If you start losing your hair in your teens or early 20´s, hair loss will become most likely your number one insecurity. I can tell this from my own experience. It can make you shyer around people and also gives you a hard time being the centre of attention of any social interaction because you never know for sure whether people are not judging you based on your balding scalp.

In this video, I will share with you what I wished somebody would have told me in my teens and early 20´s when I was going bald and had really tough time feeling pressure-free during my social interactions with new people around me.

Watch the full video on how to stop feeling insecure about your hair loss as a young guy during your social interactions!


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