Scientific Method Experiment: Does Hair Loss Treatment Actually Work? Scientific Method Experiment: Does Hair Loss Treatment Actually Work?

What’s better than being a student in a class and having your teacher gives you permission to make fun of them for some extra credit? Answer: NOTHING!!! Hey everyone, Mr. McKee here! So, I have a bald spot. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. In an attempt to get rid of my bald spot, I subscribed to Keeps, a hair loss treatment for male pattern baldness at I wanted to see if it would help my hair regrow…or at least stop my hair from falling out anymore. I figured that we could learn more about the scientific method in class while we keep track of my baldness (or hopefully my hair regrowth)! Hopefully, in just a few months, I’ll have a great before-and-after to show off.

Follow along with my class and I as we try to figure out if Keeps really works to get rid of my bald spot.


Hello!! I’m Mr. McKee, and I teach middle school science and Herpetology at Our Lady of Fatima Parish School here in Huntington, WV. If you’re into science teachers that have no shame, crazy science experiments, fun and engaged classrooms, an occasional reptile or 16, and some amazing science curriculum…then you’ve come to the right place!!!


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