Limitations, Ineffectiveness of PRP, Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatments, and a Better Alternative

Limitations, Ineffectiveness of PRP, Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatments, and a Better Alternative

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Someone asks if platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or mesotherapy is a better non-surgical hair fall treatment

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad MD reviews this question in this video, explaining the limits and effectiveness of these injection treatments, and a much more effective alternative that uses a PRP combination:

1:20 – Dr. Prasad’s experience in surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions
1:39 – Dr. Prasad’s success with non-surgical hair loss treatment that has limited the amount of hair transplants he performs
2:14 – What PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is, and how it can help short-term hair growth, but is limited and needs to be repeated every month to three months
3:02 – Mesotherapy is not practiced in the US, but mostly in Europe with vitamin injections
3:50 – Why Dr. Prasad does not believe mesotherapy works because vitamin injections do not help with genetic hair loss caused by hormones
4:30 – Pharmaceutical solutions prescribed to treat hair loss
4:45 – Hair restoration surgery and its limitations
5:00 – How Hair Regeneration works, and how it was developed by Dr. Prasad to thicken hair and stop hair loss
5:33 – Hair Regeneration’s effectiveness in thickening hair after one treatment, and how patients progress are documented
5:54 – How some advanced hair loss cases get a second injection after 18 months to build upon progress
6:06 – How 5 years of data has shown sustainability of Hair Regeneration’s results
6:39 – PRP or mesotherapy does not stop hair loss progression, but Hair Regeneration has proved it can by thickening thinning hair

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