Masc Minute: Spectral DNC (Breakthrough Hair-Loss Treatment)

Masc Minute: Spectral DNC (Breakthrough Hair-Loss Treatment)

masc co-founder Jamie Beuthin talks to you about the world’s most comprehensive formula to stop hair loss and start hair growth, even in advanced stages of baldness. It really works!


Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of Masc Minute. Today, I’m
going to talk to you about a product called Spectral DNC. It’s a topical
hair loss treatment product, effective for men and women. If you’re
concerned about preventing hair loss from occurring or helping to regrow
lost or thinning hair, this is a product that you want to pay attention to.
It’s made by a company called DS Laboratories. They use a lot of different
ingredients in the product that are all very, very active, very, very
effective. The one you might recognize is Minoxidil, but it’s at a much
higher concentration than you would normally find in other hair loss

The other nice thing about Spectral DNC and DS Laboratories in general with
the products they make is the delivery system to deliver the ingredients to
the scalp. They use what’s called Nanosome encapsulation. Basically, that
means that the ingredients have been shrunk to a size about 200 times
smaller than a human cell, which allows them to penetrate much more
effectively into the scalp. As a result, the ingredients are much more
effective, and the benefits of those ingredients are amplified. It comes in
a spray bottle like this. Use it twice a day; $48 to the bottle. There is
another one which is more advanced for more advanced hair loss which is a
little more.

If you want to check it online, you can do so,, or if you’d
like to read more about the product, we have some information in the store,
and you can read more about the ingredients, et cetera, so pop in any time.

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