Mens Hair Loss Treatments Hair Health Check

Mens Hair Loss Treatments Hair Health Check

Hair Health Check for Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

Diagnosis is the key to any successful Men’s Hair Loss Treatments.
Too often with men the focus is on the common pattern of thinning, male pattern thinning, androgenic alopecia or male hair loss. When it is simply male pattern thinning it is caused by DHT dihydrotestosterone which is triggered to bind to the androgen receptors of the hair bulbs only in the pattern triggered by hereditary, hormonal and environmental influence.

Always forgotten is the hair cell and the hair cycle itself. If the hair cell has been damaged by say taking prescription medications of any type plus nutritional deficiencies and body imbalances of many causes, then the hair cycle will also be disturbed which will accelerate the hair thinning process of male pattern thinning. If the health of the hair cell and hair cycle are not returned to normal then you will never get the Hair Loss Treatments results you are hoping for.

Hair Health Check for Hair Loss Treatments includes:

• Consultation with Trichologist – hair specialist
• Microscopic diagnosis of your individual hair cycle, cell function and scalp health
• Explained and demonstrated with your images the hair and scalp problems found
• Scientific explanation of causes of your hair loss or hair thinning
• Hair Loss Treatment options as there are many choices available once you have a correct diagnosis.

Hair Health Check costs $200 and takes up to 75minutes with Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Skype and Phone Consultations are also available if you can provide photo images or microscopic images of your hair loss or hair thinning problems.

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