MSM – 5 Reasons Why it's a Miracle Product + 1 Hidden Danger!

MSM – 5 Reasons Why it's a Miracle Product + 1 Hidden Danger!

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In this video, we’re going to go over some pretty awesome benefits of MSM, the how to’s of taking it & 1 MAJOR hidden danger EVERYONE should be aware of.

MSM is an abbreviation for methyl-sulfonyl-methane, which is an organic sulfur compound.

Sulfur is found in over 150 different compounds within the human body. There are sulfur components in virtually every type of cell, so it’s extremely important & MSM has the toxicity rating of water…so it’s extremely safe.
Now, don’t get MSM (a naturally occurring sulfur) confused with inorganic sulfides, sulfites & sulfates. Those of which are not good for you & MANY people have allergic reactions to them.

According to dr. Mercola, MSM is the 3rd MOST ABUNDANT nutrient in the human body.

MSM is Needed for:

1. Detoxification: without sulfur, your body cannot produce glutathione “the master antioxidant.”

MSM also, oxygenates the cells, increases cell wall permeability & alkalizes the blood. All of which support the detoxification systems of the body.

2. Body-building & Repair: MSM is present in amino acids which are the basic building blocks of proteins & our body as a whole.

4. Bone & Joint Care: Lowers inflammation & helps rebuild tissues. MSM also dissolves calcium phosphate, a root cause of many degenerative diseases.

5. Beauty Regenerator: Often called the ‘beauty mineral” MSM helps the body produce significant amounts of collagen & keratin for hair, skin & nails!

Try it for a week & let me know how your skin feels;)

Here’s a List of MANY More MSM Benefits:
-pH Balance
-Joint Stiffness
-Scar Tissue
-Improves Circulation
-Improves Cell Vitality
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Reduces Pain & Swelling
-Improves Digestion
-Boosts Energy
-Reduces Scar Tissue
-Reduces Wrinkles
-Helps Diabetes
-Sore Muscles
-Reduces Candida Yeast

MSM is naturally found in food.
Veggies; broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. kale, spinach, asparagus, okra, lettuce, sweet corn, eggplant, beans & peas.

Fruits: The avocado is the fruit with the highest content, followed by kiwi, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, melons, grapefruit, grapes, oranges & peaches.

And if you’re into meat, dairy, eggs, coffee & chocolate…you can find them there too!

The problem is highly cooked & pasteurized food takes the MSM out. That coupled with an overall lack of nutrients in our soil can make it hard to replenish our body’s stores of this vital nutrient.

I always say let food be your medicine, let supplements be your health insurance!

How Much MSM should I take?

Detox & Replenish: 1/4tsp for 4 days & gradually increase to 2tsp
Maintenance: 1/2tsp to 2tsp daily

They can negate the positive side effects of MSM!

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