My Devacurl Hair Loss, Why It Happened | XO_Rocky

My Devacurl Hair Loss, Why It Happened | XO_Rocky

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My Devacurl Hair Loss story, I have been experiencing hair loss for a while. I didn’t understand what happened to me and why, but now that so many amazing women have come forward and shared their stories and experience I feel confident that I finally know whats going on with my hair. I also feel very relieved to know it’s NOT me its them.
For legal reasons I can not say with 100% certainty that any Deva Curl products are directly related to my scalp tenderness or my hair shedding. What I can say is that after using the Deva Curls Deep Sea Repair Deep Conditioner I started experiencing scalp issues and extreme shedding. I’ve also seen a large amount of influences come forward with similar scalp issues in the same area. I will say that due to my limited usage of the line I only received mild damage. I created my channel to share my natural hair experience and this is something I am experiencing at the moment. I hope it truly helps someone else. My symptoms are dry hair, scalp sensitivity (similar to a chemical burn), and rapid shedding (hair loss). The sensitivity and the shedding is localized to the hair surrounding my ears on the right and the left sides. The right and left sides of my hair has the same if not equal sensitivity and shedding. I am optimistic that my scalp will rejuvenate and my hair with be healthier then ever! If you think you’ve experienced similar damage please comment below. I try to present you with as much knowledge/information that I can possible give you on any and every topic/product introduced on my channel with honesty and integrity. If you have any question do not hesitate to comment them below, also share others may benefit from this video as well, and as always like and subscribe. xo.

Product Used:
Deva Curls Deep Sea Repair
I deep conditioned for an hour under my hooded dryer, I also slept with the deep conditioner in.

Video Mentioned:
Deep Condition My Type 4a/4b Natural Hair With Me! w/ Deva Curls Deep Sea Repair

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In this video I referenced Stephanie and Dennis Mero channel and videos, here is a link to them . XO Rocky
How I Came to My Conclusion About DevaCurl Products
Literally crying for help….who is going to stand with me? This DevaCurl DISASTER has to end….
How I Went from Being a ✂️ DevaCurl Stylist ✂️ to a Victim Advocate
I Show You a Real Client Who Used DevaCurl and Has Severe Damage to Her Beautiful Curly Hair

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**About Me & My Hair
I am Black with a little more Black.
Birthday🦂 Enough Said.
Location: Bay Area, CA
I have type 4a/4b Natural Hair and it’s amazing.
My Hair is High Density with beautiful Fine strands.
I also have Low Porosity Natural Hair (it’s a blessing and a curse).
I have been Natural for 4 awesome years.
Tell me about YOU and/or your hair in the comments.

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