No One Should Ever Sleep with a Ponytail, Here’s Why

No One Should Ever Sleep with a Ponytail, Here’s Why

There are few things finer than sinking into bed after a long, hard day, right? But before you hit the sack, you probably have a bedtime routine that might include putting your hair up – if it’s long. But, this habit could do more harm than good.

Anyone with long hair might think that sleeping with a ponytail protects it from getting tangled or damaged. Turns out, this habit can trigger hair loss. It could even lead to a health condition called traction alopecia. Your hair especially deserves a break at night if you style it a lot during the day. But in fact, sleeping with a ponytail isn’t the only common bedtime habit that can have a negative effect on your body or sleep…

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Why it’s bad for your health 0:19
Going to bed hungry 1:51
Sleeping on your stomach 2:26
Checking social media 3:05
Working out 3:36
Not stretching 4:14
Leaving a glass of water near your bed 4:49
Sleeping with pets 5:22
Sleeping with wet hair 6:10
Choosing the wrong pillowcase 6:44
Not taking time to unwind 7:20

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– Tight buns or braids, and even sleeping with rollers, can also be harmful to your mane.
– Your hair especially deserves a break at night if you style it a lot during the day. But if you want to get it out of your face before turning in, try wrapping it up in a silk or satin scarf, or get yourself a sleeping cap.
– Having a pre-bedtime snack full of protein and fiber boosts your metabolism, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. Also, if your body doesn’t get any fuel before getting rest, insulin levels drop.
– Sleeping on your stomach puts additional strain on your spinal cord and back, which doesn’t allow your muscles to relax during rest.
– Staring at your device’s screen also poses a threat to your eyes. Blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina.
– Doing vigorous physical exercises makes you feel more alert and awake, making it hard to doze off.
– While experts are still not sure what exactly causes night leg cramping, they advise stretching the muscles regularly to lower your risk of getting them.
– Sharing a bed with a pet is especially not advised for elderly people and those who have diabetes. On top of that, humans and animals have different sleep cycles.
– Your face touches a pillowcase for much longer than any other fabric. That’s why getting a silk one is important if you want to keep your face looking good.
– We live in a pretty stressful time, and many of us have to juggle multiple commitments. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to relax and prepare yourself mentally for bedtime. So, take a warm bath, take a walk in the park, or simply meditate to improve your health.

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