Nude Yoga | Best for hair loss control

Nude Yoga | Best for hair loss control

As the name suggests, Nude Yoga, also called ‘Nagna’ Yoga in Sanskrit, is a technique that is practised without any clothes on your body. This concept has created quite a stir particularly in conservative countries such as India and the Gulf. However, statistics reveal that more people are indulging in this type of yoga by looking at the brighter side of it. The practice of nude yoga dates back to olden times. Ancient philosophy claims that nude yoga strips away any strings attached to materialistic and sensual desires, thus allowing a deeper, more powerful spiritual connection.

Top 10 Benefits of Nude Yoga:

According to yoga experts, nude yoga has more of psychological benefits, rather than physical ones. It indirectly has certain medical effects of other types of yoga such as preventing cardiac diseases, digestion issues and improving one’s immunity and overall endocrine health. Below are top 10 nude yoga benefits –

1.      Boosts Self Esteem and Confidence

The crucial part of self-esteem is body and image. This is often adulterated by filling the mind with the wrong concept of beauty – photo shopped images of so-called ‘beautiful’ bodies. Nude yoga addresses this in great depth, in helping you value what an amazing person you are, in terms of personality, appearance and your overall being. In other words, it helps you acknowledge your body, to respect it.

2.      Connects directly with nature

Connecting with nature is impossible if you’re attached to the mundane things of life. Nude yoga helps you dispose everything and present yourself just the way you are to the nature in order to liberate yourself. The whole idea is to allow Mother Nature unleash its healing power over you.

3.      Helps feel ood about individual’s sexuality

Nude yoga makes you comfortable with your sexual identity, whether you’re a man or woman. Apart from accepting your social identity, it helps you feel great about “being in your own shoes”.

4.      Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Lowering anxiety is one of the best things about nude yoga as it helps soothe one’s senses. It also addresses the silent killer, stress, by helping you battle against the struggles of life to give astonishing results.

5.      Removes Negative Feelings

Feelings like embarrassment, shame and negative feelings are socially constructed and they often tire us down. In other words, we were taught by society about what things we need to be embarrassed about. What if you were never embarrassed about your body and personality? That would sure be one of the most sensational feelings ever!

6.      Ignites one’s Mood

Need a mood-boost in your relationship? Nude yoga could bring in a lot of freshness and excitement you’ve been dying to have. It ignites that much-needed flame in relationships and partners bringing them close to each other.

7.      Re-connects with others at the mind-body-soul level, the naked way

It is a known fact that all of us have identity masks to protect us or to keep away from certain people. What if there was a way to tear apart these unnecessary barriers to create a deeper bonding with other humans? Nudity is the best barrier to break free all these ties.

8.      Improves Yoga Postures

Certain yoga postures are extremely difficult to do because of your attire. With nude yoga, you can practice any posture freely and naturally.

9.      Takes you a step closer to God

Getting people back to the natural ways creates awareness and a sense of empathy for fellow humans, thus taking them closer to God. It diminishes man-made barriers to create an ideal world to get closer to the creator.

10.  Offers freedom from too much sex

Sounds counter-intuitive? Think again. Although sex is a significant part of nature, there is a danger that it could take too much space of personal relationships. Nude yoga helps maintain a healthy balance and regain that original intimacy with your partner, catapulting your relationship to success and euphoria. 



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