Nude Yoga How to Do | Best For hair loss control and regrow

Nude Yoga How to Do | Best For hair loss control and regrow

“Self-consciousness is not knowledge but a story one tells about oneself”- Simone De Beauvoir

Yoga is a practice that liberates people from their entanglements and takes them to the next level of spirituality. In the process, it takes the soul much beyond the mind and body and helps in overall mind-body development. Amongst common yoga liberating techniques, is the Naked Yoga or the Nude Yoga, which is gaining huge importance. Naked yoga has its roots dating back to Indian history.

What is Nude Yoga?

As the name suggests, Nude Yoga, also called ‘Nagna’ Yoga in Sanskrit, is a technique that is practised without any clothes on your body. This concept has created quite a stir particularly in conservative countries such as India and the Gulf. However, statistics reveal that more people are indulging in this type of yoga by looking at the brighter side of it. The practice of nude yoga dates back to olden times. Ancient philosophy claims that nude yoga strips away any strings attached to materialistic and sensual desires, thus allowing a deeper, more powerful spiritual connection.

What Happens during Nude Yoga?

This is a practice that enables one to simply let go from life’s constraints and to feel free. It is quite natural to feel self-conscious at first, but this will gradually go away since nudity is the norm after all. Each session starts off with a reality check for fifteen minutes, during which people adjust to their surroundings as they stand amongst various other naked people, all of them waiting to taste that new experience, all geared up to confront their fears.

Why Nude Yoga?

Unclothed yogis claim that nude yoga encourages gratefulness, recognition and love for their own bodies. Although it sounds weird and more like anxiety-inducing rather than stress-relieving, those who’ve practiced it claim that it boosts self-confidence greatly, enabling people to celebrate their bodies. Most practitioners claim that it brings about greater awareness and freedom, thus inspiring a more connected practice. A New York-based yoga instructor, Isis Phoenix, points out that, shedding clothes introduces one to a new level of honesty, a genuineness that tends to get lost in the entire branding, surrounding yoga.

Embarrassing or Liberating?

Initially, nude yoga will seem extremely hard as it is distracting and can challenge one’s concentration levels. However, an avid yoga instructor practicing naked yoga, Joschi Schwarz, points out, “It frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows you to be more accepting and deeply connected with yourself and the world around you,” The ultimate objective is to feel comfortable in your own body and remove any concerns regarding physical imperfections.

Top 3 Benefits of Nude Yoga:

According to yoga experts, nude yoga has more of psychological benefits, rather than physical ones. It indirectly has certain medical effects of other types of yoga such as preventing cardiac diseases, digestion issues and improving one’s immunity and overall endocrine health. Below are top 10 nude yoga benefits –

1. Boosts Self Esteem and Confidence

The crucial part of self-esteem is body and image. This is often adulterated by filling the mind with the wrong concept of beauty – photo shopped images of so-called ‘beautiful’ bodies. Nude yoga addresses this in great depth, in helping you value what an amazing person you are, in terms of personality, appearance and your overall being. In other words, it helps you acknowledge your body, to respect it.

2. Connects directly with nature

Connecting with nature is impossible if you’re attached to the mundane things of life. Nude yoga helps you dispose everything and present yourself just the way you are to the nature in order to liberate yourself. The whole idea is to allow Mother Nature unleash its healing power over you.

3. Helps feel ood about individual’s sexuality

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