PRP Injections for Hair Loss: What's Changed [2019 Update] Acell/ BioD, Nanofat, etc.

PRP Injections for Hair Loss: What's Changed [2019 Update] Acell/ BioD, Nanofat, etc.

PRP Injections for hair regrowth have been around for almost 5 years now. It took a while for our office to get onboard, because we wanted scientific proof that these treatments were actually affecting the hair and causing it to regrow.

Now that we have that proof, we also have some new studies that have created some really fascinating changes to the way we’re doing PRP. This is the latest science for 2019:

1. PRP injections do a good job of stimulating hair to grow and of making hair thicker.

2. You can supercharge those results by adding an Extra-Cellular Matrix( ECM), such as ACell or BioD to the PRP, and/or by adding Nanofat, which extracts and concentrates the stem cells from your own fat.

3. We also like the effect of using microneedling to “punch” the nanofat/prp/ecm mixture into the scalp at varying depths in microdroplets, for more even application.

4. All PRP and stem cell for hair loss treatments need to be paired with a medical evaluation which gets at the root cause of hair loss, whether that’s stress, disease, age-related, hormones, or something else.

5. Once you know the cause, you really need to treat that in addition to the PRP injections. For example, those with hormone imbalances may benefit from a medication that inhibits certain hormones. Those with an underlying disease will need to control that disease in order to see long-term results.

6. For some patients, nutrition deficiencies play a big role in hair loss. In this case, supplements can help provide the right building blocks for hair growth.

Our physicians have a deep understanding of the underlying causes of hair loss, and perform a thorough evaluation of their patients prior to recommending a treatment plan. This allows us to truly create solutions to hair loss that are the most effective, most economical, and best for the patient’s health and cosmetic results, as well.

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