Reverse Traction Alopecia

Reverse Traction Alopecia

Back again with amazing hair growth tips giving you all the 20/20 clarity on your hair growth journey to help you reverse your traction alopecia.

If you seem to be struggling on your hair growth journey and not having the hair growth bald spots that you’re looking for?

Instead you’re just hopping from product to product looking for hair growth…edges?

Want to know why your hair growth treatment isn’t giving you the hair growth for black women that you’re looking for?

In this video you will learn why if you used a hair growth oil and it did not focus on these 4 tips that it was never going to work for you!

Is traction alopecia permanent…NO!

Can traction alopecia be reversed…yes!

I talk all about how to reveres traction alopecia and give you the steps to reversing it!

Because yes, even though it seems extremely hard you can reverse traction alopecia.

Watch this video to see what 4 steps you need to take to reverse your traction alopecia!

Until Next Time I Wish You The Most Growth
The Natural Hair Confidant

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