Scalp ringworm – symptoms and causes

Scalp ringworm – symptoms and causes

#Scalp ringworm – symptoms and causes

Scalp ringworm is a type of skin infection which is caused by a fungus. Scalp ringworm is also known as tinea capitis. We have this condition on our hair shafts and the scalp. There are many signs and symptoms of this condition. But the most common signs and symptoms are scaly, itchy and bald patches on your head. Children have the biggest chances to get scalp ringworm. There are many antifungal medications which can help you to get a relief from this condition. In a period of several weeks you should use these medications and they can help you. A lot of people think that this is a kind of worm when they hear this term, but this is a kind of a fungal skin infection. There are many different types of fungi which can infect our hair, nails and skin.

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