*SHOWDOWN* Vivsical vs. Biotin Vitamins | Review Differences, Ingredients, Side Effect Alternative

*SHOWDOWN* Vivsical vs. Biotin Vitamins | Review Differences, Ingredients, Side Effect Alternative

Are Viviscal and Biotin effective for hair loss? If so, which treatment is better?

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Viviscal is a supplement with a range of different ingredients.

Key ingredients in viviscal include a marine complex, natural forms of silica, and acerola cherry, which contains vitamin C, biotin and zinc.

The results of a 3-month randomized controlled trial found that the ingredients in a marine protein supplement (which is the scientific name for viviscal’s main ingredients) helped to promote hair growth in women experiencing temporary hair thinning.

In a comparative study on young men, viviscal was shown to help treat hereditary androgenic alopecia.

In this study, 20 subjects received two tablets of viviscal daily, and another 20 received a fish extract daily for 6 months.

The group taking viviscal showed an increase of non-vellus hair of 38% compared to 2% in the fish extract group.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s important for the function of several enzymes.

While biotin can help with hair growth when you’re deficient in biotin, there is a lack of research showing that biotin helps treat genetic and hormone-based causes of hair loss.

Furthermore, biotin deficiencies are very rare, especially in men.

Chances are that neither of these supplements will be the be-all end-all cure for an individual’s hair loss.

However, these supplements could be extra synergistically effective when taken in conjunction with a clinically proven hair loss treatment such as low-level laser therapy.

The low-level laser therapy technology in RedRestore’s laser cap uses a non-invasive light source treatment proven in multiple clinical trials to stimulate new hair growth by combating DHT and stimulating blood flow to your hair follicles.

Overall there is more clinical research supporting the marine complex found in viviscal as a treatment for hair loss rather than biotin alone.




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